Child Plan™ - A secure and flexible tax-free investment for your child's future

Child Plan™ provides your child the flexibility and financial security in life to follow their dreams. From any education around the world, buy their first home, launch a company one day that may change the world. Child Plan™ will give your child freedom to follow their dreams.

Child Plan™

Child Plan™
for Grandchildren

Sample Child Plan™ Cash and Insurance Value Illustration

Age Accumulated Cash Value Life Insurance Value


$82,568 (Education)



$177,953 (House)



$303,299 (Security)



$834,276 (Retirement)


Sample illustration is for a child under age 1 based on a monthly deposit of $250 for twenty years. There will be no further contributions required after year twenty. The cash and insurance values are based on a dividend interest rate of 6% from a Canadian life insurance company.

Personalize Your Child Plan™

Create a Child Plan™ Illustration and see how much cash value your child will have for their education and for life.

Why Child Plan™?