Why is the RESP an Out-dated Option for My Child’s Future?

This is a continuing blog in the series Millennial Parents’ Guide to Financial Planning for Children. My father always told me: “If you’re going to spend your time thinking, you might as well spend it thinking big.” While I am President of insuranceforchildren, I still advise and manage investments of two-dozen successful clients whom I […]

How Grandparents Can Help Pay for the Rising Costs of Education

Millennial Parents’ Guide to Financial Planning for Children: By Michael Lampel I’ve spoken with many grandparents who are looking to help save for their grandchildren’s education. After all, education is expensive and this is only going to continue to be the case. By the year 2031, the cost of education is expected to rise to […]

Canada Child Benefit: 21st Century benefit for 21st Century children

How Canada Child Benefit Will Pay Dividends For My Daughter’s Entire Life. Millennial Parents’ Guide to Financial Planning by Michael Lampel I’d like to begin by thanking our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for thinking outside the box for ways to help our children succeed in the 21st century. Rather than continue rehashing 20th century government […]

What Will the New Canada Child Benefit Mean for My Child’s Future?

Millennial Parents Guide To Financial Planning For Children The Liberal government estimates the average family will receive nearly $2,300 more each year, thanks to the new Canada Child Benefit. But what does it mean for my family? There’s a reason I hire an accountant to do my taxes. Crunching numbers and keeping up with tax […]

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