Family Advisor

Are you an outside the box thinker?

Do you believe that educating parents on how to invest for their children’s future empowers them to make the best-informed decision for their children’s futures?

Insuranceforchildren Canada’s leader in financial planning for children is the creator of the revolutionary Child Plan™ wants to meet and speak with young professionals looking to build a career as a trusted Family Advisor.

insuranceforchildren Family Advisors don’t sell insurance, they educate and empower families when planning for their children’s futures.

Thousands of parents contact insuranceforchildren from across Canada to learn how they can plan for their children’s futures and Child Plan™.

  • Our Family Advisors are members of our family and every day we will work to support you with:
  • A revolutionary training program designed to help you communicate, educate and guide the
    families you’ll be advising.
  • A web-based virtual presentation platform for you to connect and educate your families.
  • A Family Advisor Lead Program that provides you with continuous flow of pre-qualified families who contacted insuranceforchildren to request information on Child Plan™ and to speak with a Family Advisor to learn more.
  • Family Advisors who qualified for the Lead Program currently receive an average of over $13,000 of leads each month directly on their cell phone.
  • A marketing training program to help you brand yourself as a Family Advisor and connect with your network and community.
  • Social media content to share with your online network and community to keep them engaged and create more awareness and engagement for you.
  • Continuous training and strategy education so you’re adding more knowledge and value to your families. Our training programs are live, virtual and online via our IFC Family Advisor Facebook
    live stream.
  • Mentorship program to guide and help you improve, sign up more families and to help you in your
  • An opportunity to lead and grow your knowledge and career with insuranceforchildren

As a Family Advisors, you:

  • Have good communication skills, integrity and are coachable
  • Have a desire share your knowledge to help families and children
  • Want to grow with a company that cares about families and the future of our children

This position is open to everyone who believes they have the, skills and drive to succeed.

To be a Family Advisor you don’t need a college or university degree but you should either be licensed or wish to become licensed, and we can help you get that license while you’re completing the Family Advisor training program.

This is a performance based income. You will be paid a fee for every insurance plan you design and place plus bonuses. Our average Family Advisor earns over $50,000 in their first year alone from our Lead Program, pre-qualified sales appointments and their own network.

To learn more about becoming a trusted Family Advisor with insuranceforchildren email your resume and a quick note via this posting and we will contact you within 24 hours.

If information is power, then education is Empowerment!

Michael Lampel, President and founder of insuranceforchildren

Ready to find out more?

Join us at our next advisor training session to learn more about Insurance for Children and earn 3.0 CE credits. is the creator of Child Plan™ and Canada's leading company focused on helping families build the secure financial future their children and grandchildren deserve is expanding again in southern Ontario.

50,000 families visited in 2016 to learn about Child Plan™ and this year they're on track for more than 100,000 families to visit to learn about Child Plan™ for their children's future.

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