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Don’t Miss Out On Your Free Canada Child Dental Benefit

Every little bit helps. Child Plan’s mission is helping families provide for their children today and plan for their education and future. It’s a surprise to many that Canada has this great program, but not surprising no one knows about it. The free Canada Child Dental Care benefit for your child application […]

April 20, 2023 - Posted In: Financial Advisor, Financial Planner, Insurance, Parents, RESP, RRSP

Why Banks Don’t Want You To Ask Questions About Your RRSP? And Why They Won’t Tell You About The IRP!

We all know the RRSP song bank mutual fund sales persons sing when they want you to open an RRSP. Open an RRSP and get a tax refund. Don’t you want a tax refund? That’s it! That’s the entire song. The mutual fund sales person doesn’t ask any questions or even attempt […]

March 29, 2016 - Posted In: Financial Planning, Insurance, Millenial, Parents, RRSP

Not Just for Life After Death: Using Life Insurance As A Retirement Income Plan

Millennial Parents’ Guide To Financial Planning For Children By Michael Lampel As a parent of three, I understand there is nothing we won’t sacrifice for our children’s future — including sleep, health, financial future, and yes, even retirement. When I had my first child the last thing I was thinking about was […]

March 1, 2016 - Posted In: Millenial, Parents, RRSP

How your spouse’s RRSP can help you stay home to raise your kids

You just started your career, you’re starting a family and it’s that time of year when the only thing less fun is root canal. Let me help you figure this out. They say in life there is only two things guaranteed. Death and Taxes. Every time you get paid your lending the […]

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