Insurance For Your Grandchildren | Child Plan™

Give your grandchildren the gift of financial security to pursue their dreams.

    • The tax-free gift available for grandparents
    • Its cash values grow tax-free throughout your grandchild's life from the moment you open the plan
    • Child Plan™ earns annual tax-free dividends for life


Request a Child Plan™ illustration to see the cash and insurance values for your child's future.

How Child Plan™ Grows For Their Education

  1. Child Plan™ "Participating" Whole Life insurance plan combines guaranteed cash values, annual tax-free dividends for life, and permanent whole life insurance.
  2. Child Plan™ cash values can be used by your grandchild for any financial need in their lifetime including education, down payment on a first home, even to to start a business one day, if that's their dream.

  1. Child Plan™ includes permanent whole life insurance for future generations.

How Child Plan™ Grows For Their Education

  • You can open Child Plan™ for your grandchild as early as 14 days after birth.
  • Child Plan™ can be funded with personal or corporate proceeds.
  • The plan earns annual tax-free dividends throughout your grandchild's life from the day it's opened.
  • Grandparents over the age of 64 can use non-registered RRSPs or RRIFs to fund Child Plan™.

  • Child Plan™ allows you to transfer wealth to your future generations tax-free.
  • Cash values are controlled by you as an owner of Child Plan™ until you transfer ownership tax-free and fee-free to your child or grandchild.
  • Permanent fully paid up life insurance values grow throughout your grandchild's life, from the day Child Plan™ is opened.
  • You can transfer ownership of Child Plan™ tax-free to your child to hold in trust for your grandchild any time.

  • You'll save up to 25% in total cost of a Child Plan™ by pre-funding it in full.
  • "Participating" Whole Life insurance plan owners have received annual dividends for over 100 years.
  • Life insurance values are paid to future generations tax-free.
  • Ownership of your Child Plan™ can be transferred outside your estate tax-free. Cash and insurance values are not subject to income tax, estate fees or probate fees.

Sample Child Plan™ Cash and Insurance Value Illustration

Accumulated Cash Value
Life Insurance Value
$82,568 (Education)
$177,953 (House)
$303,299 (Security)
$834,276 (Retirement)


Sample illustration is for a child under age 1 based on a monthly deposit of $250 for twenty years. There will be no further contributions required after year twenty. The cash and insurance values are based on a dividend interest rate of 6% from a Canadian life insurance company.

Personalize Your Child Plan™

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Why Child Plan™?

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