Why Insurance for Children?

1,960,000 children in Canada under the age of 4 today, and that number is only getting BIGGER.
(Statscan 2016 survey)

Are you an outside the box thinker? Do you believe our children’s futures are global and that by educating families on how to invest in their children’s futures you empower them to make the best informed decisions for their own and their children’s futures?
Are you looking for that special conversation that will with families that will elevate you from insurance advisor to trusted Family Advisor?

Michael Lampel, President of insuranceforchildren and Jim Ruta will teach you how Child Plan™ participating whole life insurance plan which has been used by Canadian families to save for their children's futures for over 100 years will position you as an advisor they want to work with.

This information session will show you how to present, communicate and educate families how a Child Plan™ participating whole life plan;
• Will earn their child a tax-free annual dividend for life, which they can use without restrictions towards any education program around the world, down payment on their first home or for any financial need in life
• Will grow completely tax free during your child’s entire life.
• Can be transferred tax free across four generations
• Can be used by parents for any financial need in life.
• And much more.

Find out why hundreds advisors have attended this unique presentation to learn how helping families plan for their children's futures creates that special relationship that leads to your becoming their family advisor and managing all their insurance needs in life.

As Jim says, helping children has always been the ideal way to a client's heart to create a trusting relationship and insuranceforchildren's process and approach is so simple any advisor can use this.

October 11, 2017

Sunbridge Hotel and Conference Centre (the old Holiday Inn)
200 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge, ON

Registration begins at: 8:30am
Seminar runs: 9:30am to 1:00pm

Attend in Person

Seating is limited so reserve now to avoid disappointment. You'll receive 3.0 CE Credits through Insurance for Children.

Attend Online

Now Available: Facebook LIVE. Join us from anywhere in the country via Facebook. No CE credits are available for those attending online.

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From Our Advisor

I have been an Independent Insurance Broker for over 30 years, specializing in Group Benefits. Insurance for Children happened into my life at the most opportune time. Having never really sold Life Insurance, it has been a huge learning curve for me, however a great one.

At first, it made sense as I looked at the plan and realized it could easily aid a family with a child going to school. Before long, it became far more than just that. It's become personal. I have a daughter who is fighting for her health. She has had to quit her job, which she loved, as she is no longer able to work while on the meds she is on. Had this been in place for her, had I had the forethought, I could have presented her with an alternate means of financing herself. She has had to move home, and though I am happy she has, I'm quite sure she would have preferred not to!! The added benefit to this would have been the insurance itself. My daughter is now uninsurable. As a 25-year-old, she does not qualify for insurance. How different her life would have been had this been in place for her.

This is why it has become not just a pleasure, but truly an honour to help parents realize the financial future for their children.

--Jane E. Cotnam

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