Michael Lampel Talks Investing in Your Child’s Future On Anokhi TV

Michael Lampel and Aenil Premji from Insurance for Children talk about why investing in our children’s futures is so important and how to do it on Anokhi TV. This is a discussion that every parent will want to hear.  

In today’s day and age, investing in your child’s future is vitally important. With the right planning, you can provide for your child’s financial future and give them a debt free start to life. Many parents want to invest in their children’s futures but don’t know where to start. They are bombarded by different and conflicting messages in the media. Michael Lampel and Aenil Premji have cut through all the noise and explain how to invest in your children’s future and what you should look for in a savings and investment product.

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Long Term Savings and Investment Product
  • Flexibility
  • Multipurpose
  • Growth for Life

Insurance for Children has products that encompass all of these things. Our customized insurance products have been used by Canadian parents to save for their children’s futures for over 100 years because they are secure, stable and safe, long term investments. Child Plan is totally flexible and multipurpose; it will pay for any education program worldwide; not only those approved by the government. It can be used even if your child doesn’t pursue post secondary education to buy a house, start a business, or as a source of income. And if offers growth for life.

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Sample Child Plan™ Cash and Insurance Value Illustration

Based on a Monthly Deposit of $250 per month

Age Accumulated Cash Value Life Insurance Value


$82,568 (Education)



$177,953 (House)



$303,299 (Security)



$834,276 (Retirement)


Sample illustration is for a child under age 1 based on a monthly deposit of $250 for twenty years. There will be no further contributions required after year twenty. The cash and insurance values are based on a dividend interest rate of 6% from a Canadian life insurance company.

Personalize Your Child Plan™

Request a Child Plan™ Illustration and see how much cash value your child will have for their education and for life.

*illustrations are reflective of the annual premium amount

To learn more how Child Plan™ will provide your child with the funds for their future education and financial security for life, book a virtual meeting with a Child Plan™ Advisor.