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Insurance Brands Inc. parent company of insuranceforchildren.ca and childplan.ca is a company located in the Province of Ontario educating families on the benefits and features of a Participating Whole Life Plan for their children’s future education and life.

The user who wishes to obtain an illustration for a Child Plan for their child or any other personal insurance product, you accept that your request will be forwarded to an independent Financial insurance broker who will contact you and answer all your questions. You can unsubscribe at any time and your contact information will be removed.

Any claim or legal proceeding for any reason whatsoever relating to these terms and conditions and their interpretation and application, to choose the judicial district of Ontario, province of Ontario, Canada, as the appropriate place for the hearing of these claims or legal proceedings to the exclusion of any other judicial district which may have jurisdiction over such a dispute according to the requirements of the law.: By accepting these conditions of use of the website, the user has read, understands and accepts : to generally respect all the provisions, obligations and commitments of these Terms and Conditions; to respect all provisions on limitations of liability and commitment to compensation that their personal and confidential information is collected in accordance with the Personal and Confidential Information Protection Policy.

Available to residents of Canada only. Childplan.ca is a platform specializing in referencing customers looking for personal insurance products. Quote requests are referred to partner authorized financial security advisors. They hold a personal insurance license from the Regulator of your Province of Residence.

NOTE: All advisors entitled to practice must undergo continuing training in order to maintain their License as a Financial security Advisor. In his/her exercise, the representative has the professional duty to validate that the product to which a quote request has been sent corresponds to the real needs of the requester or that its treatment complies with the good practices which govern it. Therefore, before concluding a transaction, a financial needs analysis (FNA) must first have been completed by the advisor. The recommendations arising from the FNA are primarily aimed at ensuring the protection of the parties concerned. The FNA is a mandatory measure that was put in place by government authorities concerning the sale and distribution of personal insurance products in Canada. All complaints or concerns should be directed directly to Complaints, 274 Chaplin Cr, M5P 1B8.


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