Child Plan™, for Parents who want the Best for their Child's Future!

Child Plan™, the best way to invest for your Child's or Grandchild's Future.

Let's start with a simple question: What do all parents want for their child's future?

A Great Education

Start life without the burden of student debt

Ability to Put a Down-Payment on their Dream Home

Without the need for help from family

The Freedom to Start their own Business One Day

(if that's their Dream)
Without the need to borrow from friends and family

Peace of Mind, no Matter Which Direction Life Takes Them

Freedom to choose their own path

Is there one plan, that will allow your child to achieve all the key milestones of life with the freedom to follow their dreams? Fortunately, with Child Plan™, there is!

What is Child Plan™

Child PlanTM is a Participating Whole Life Insurance plan, that combines an education fund for your child's future, with a tax-free savings plan for your child's life.

From the day you open a Participating Whole Life Plan, your child or grandchild will receive a tax-free dividend every year throughout their entire life; which will give them the freedom and flexibility to:

  • Pursue any education program around the world, without restrictions
  • Make a down-payment on their first home
  • Fund their first start-up (if that's their dream)
  • Provide for any financial need in life

Here's a sample Cash Value Illustration based on a Participating Whole Life Plan with a monthly deposit of $250, starting when the child is less than 1 year old:

Accumulated Cash Value
Life Insurance Value
$82,568 (Education)
$177,953 (House)
$303,299 (Security)
$834,27 (Retirement)


P.S. Did you know that a Participating Whole Life Plan can be opened by parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, and even legal guardians as early as 14 days after they're born?

The earlier you start, the greater the value for their future!

Participating Whole Life Plans have been offered by several of Canada's largest insurance companies for more than 100 years.

Approval of a Participating Whole Life Plan for your child is not based on family income, and an application is required by the life insurance company to assecess and determine if your child will qualify for a Participating Whole Life Plan (Child PlanTM).

An application is not a contract, and requires no payment or commitment by you, to accept.

To determine if your child will qualify for a Participating Whole Life Plan,
please speak with one of our Licensed Family Advisors