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Parent Plan™ IRP

Insured Retirement Plan

Content for Parent Plan™ IRP (Insured Retirement Plan) is a guaranteed tax-free Participating Whole Life plan.

With a Parent Plan™ IRP you will:

  • Receive a tax-free annual dividend from the life insurance company for life.
  • Have a retirement plan with guaranteed cash value growing tax-free for retirement and life.
  • Have permanent whole life insurance included to protect your family.
  • Be able to access the cash value tax-free in retirement.

With an IRP you decide when to retire not the Government.

With an IRP you can start receiving an annual tax-free amount starting age sixty and increases the later you start.

Sample IRP illustration below shows you the total cash value of an IRP plan for a female non- smoker based on her desire to save $500 per month for twenty years. At the end of twenty years, she will never need to deposit any further for retirement. The IRP tax-free annual amount she will receive shown below is based on her selecting to begin to receive at different ages.

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