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Parent Plan™ IRP

Insured Retirement Plan

Parent Plan™ IRP, a secure and flexible tax-free plan for retirement and for life.

With a Parent Plan™ IRP you will:

  • Receive a tax-free annual dividend for life.

  • Have guaranteed cash value growing tax-free for retirement and life.

  • Have permanent whole life insurance included to protect your family.

  • Be able to access your IRP cash value tax-free in retirement.

Sample Parent Plan™ IRP illustration of cash and payment values at age of retirement

Retire At Age
IRP Cash Value
Annual IRP Amount

Sample IRP illustration shows you the total cash value of an IRP plan for a based on a person's desire to save $500 per month.

At the end of twenty years, she will never need to deposit any further for retirement. The IRP tax-free annual amount she will receive shown here is based on her selecting to begin to receive at different ages.

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