Should I Save For My Child’s Education Or For Her First Home?

In Our Continuing Series Of Millennial Parents’ Guide to Financial Planning For Children By Michael Lampel I recently went to an open house with my wife to look at what $1 million would buy today. What I saw made me seriously concerned about our daughter’s future. A four-bedroom house with two bathrooms in Markham was…

Canada Child Benefit: 21st Century benefit for 21st Century children

How Canada Child Benefit Will Pay Dividends For My Daughter’s Entire Life. Millennial Parents’ Guide to Financial Planning by Michael Lampel I’d like to begin by thanking our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for thinking outside the box for ways to help our children succeed in the 21st century. Rather than continue rehashing 20th century government…

Not Just for Life After Death: Using Life Insurance As A Retirement Income Plan

Millennial Parents’ Guide To Financial Planning For Children By Michael Lampel As a parent of three, I understand there is nothing we won’t sacrifice for our children’s future — including sleep, health, financial future, and yes, even retirement. When I had my first child the last thing I was thinking about was protecting her financial…

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